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Under the whispering trees of The Dreamery Gardens is a hidden and rich world of mythology, nature, and creatures both seen and unseen. The meandering path takes you under fairy walkways, over inhabited bridges, and around hobgoblin burrows. Nests of gigantic winged creatures can be found in the wood, and at night the song of the merfolk echoes out across the ponds.
Whether luxuriating in the dappled green-gold of summer, or meandering your way through frost-kissed skeletal trees, our hundred acre wood has something to enjoy no matter the time of year.

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A wonderous being, so Legend told,
took lake and river for her home.
here, Nature flocked to celebrate
her awesome beauty, charm and grace.
But, in her wake lies another fate,
for unwary human fools who'd take the chance
to dip into her cool, calm, clear pools.
For lurking, betwixt bulrush and reed,
floats, grinning gruesome - Jenny Greenteeth.
Ready to greet, with a cackling laugh,
all those who stray within her path.

Discover the fairy hamlet along Spider Tree Snicket with tree houses connected by bridges and walkways. These old dwellings were in a terrible state and have had extensive repairs. See our mushroom fairy ring, recreated from sketches of the original built in 1852 that stood on the same spot. For over 100 years elves, will-o-the-wisps, sprites and imps gather every night for riotous dances. Safe only during the day for visitors to see up close, it is advised people keep a sensible distance from it at night - lest they find themselves swept away to fairyland with feet that won’t stop dancing. 

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Watch this heartless RedCap,
cos' he'd rather see you dead.
He'd love to squeeze out all your blood
and wear it on his head.

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The Dreamery Gardens is a nature sanctuary, and thus all fairy houses and other habitats blend in seamlessly with the woodland. Built from natural materials, maintenance and repair work are always done with the wellbeing of the environment and our inhabitants in mind. Over the years we have collected and saved many artefacts from inside our sanctuary, many of which are on display in our museum.
The Gardens are set in a wonderfully diverse woodland, we have a vast range of trees with oaks, pines, birch and fir to name a few, as well as nearly 100 species of birds. We have a programme to increase and preserve bio diversity - for all creatures, arcane and otherwise.

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